Why choose us


LTI Daycare cares for a limited number of children at a time, ensuring quality care and proper attention to your child.

We make homecooked meals everyday and serve fresh fruits, in addition to bread and jogurt, as snacks.

The children are insured during their stay in LTI.

Experience & Knowledge

The educators and childminders have completed their studies in Social Services, Practical Nursing and Early Childhood Education from Finland.

We, educators and childminders, have years of experience in childcare through work in international daycares around Finland and through voluntary works as tutors and childminders around the world.

We have our first aid training as well as fire safety training in Finland.

Encouraging environment

We provide a safe and accepting environment for your child, where their diversity will be celebrated. The language of communication in the daycare will be in English.

We have different activity days each week which are as follows: crafts day, science day, baking day, gym day, yoga, dance day, music day and structured play days.

We go on field trips to museums, libraries and elderly homes regularly.

Why Choose Us




"The daycare has a very home like atmosphere with small group of kids. Everyday my son reminds me how much he loves the place, his friends and the teacher. They do things such as go to different playgroups and libraries every week and she really keeps them busy and learning new things all the time. I feel good to leave him there everyday knowing he is in good hands and enjoying himself! I highly recommend the place!"


- V*****t's mom


"It feels like home. My daughter who is almost three years old was so happy to be there and she always wants to go back to the day-care! The owner is so lovely and caring and the main thing you feel so comfortable when talking with her. The meals that she offers for the children; in my opinion are healthy (I am a health freak). When I went to pick up my daughter (the first time she was left there in the day-care), she saw me and she was sad to go back home! :)"


- F***a's mom


"I can't tell you how happy we have been with LTI's care of our son. He comes home well fed, well cared for, with art projects in tow. The owner is an amazing caretaker who loves each of her little tots so much. She plans healthy meals, adorable art projects, indoor and outdoor playtime, learning activities, and occasional outings for her groups. I highly recommend Little Tots International Family Daycare!"


- J****n's mom


"Friendly and professional day care! Very clean and well maintained. They spend time outdoors daily. Small cozy group. Warmly recommend!"


- R**o's mom


"The daycare facility is a nicely decorated space with tons of toys for kids. Our daughter can sometimes be a little overwhelmed at first when visiting a new place with new people, but the staff's warm and welcoming personality made her feel right at home."


- A**s's mom


"LTI's philosophy of encouraging kids' independence and helping them understand their feelings works well with our mindset. She seems always happy and patient with the children, and I feel she's going the extra mile for us. When we first saw the place, I immediately felt that this is the place I had in mind when looking for a daycare. I love the open space and colors."


- Parent of two (2) little tots


"This spacious, colorful daycare has places to play and rest, access to outdoor space, and a guaranteed warm welcome by the staff. We enjoyed exploring the art corner, reading tent, and play areas full of fun toys. A combination of open play, snacks, and age-appropriate activities that catered to both the social and shy alike made for a wonderful morning at Little Tots International. We hope to come back again soon!"


- A**y's mom

"We are very pleased with the way you have taken care of him at Little Tots. You have always made us feel welcome from the very first day. The work and effort you put into our child's development and wellbeing every day is just amazing. We can absolutely recommend Little Tots to everybody who is looking for a great quality family-like daycare for their child."

- Parents of A***n

"The Educaring approach is something that we truly appreciate."

- Parents of I***s

"You are all great! Our child loves you."

- Parents of V******a

"Your staff is good choice to join LTI."

- Parents of E**a

"We are happy with all of the child minders. They are working with an inspiring and great attitude. And what is most important, our child loves all child minders and is always eager and happy to go to daycare. We appreciate that food is home-made and there’s a good variation of different foods. Also, taking special events and holidays into account in menus is important to us and appreciated."

- Parents of E***h

"I do like the staff very much and I think they are doing a great job and my child tells us the same every day!"

- Parents of J******n

"I have also been very pleased with the staff. She is great with kids. She's both inspiring and handles children calmly and patiently. I feel that she's more than just working in the daycare, for example she still has the time to talk with my child when we're walking home. I'm really happy that we chose Little Tots International for our child."

- Marjut, K**e's mom

"Thank you Little Tots International for taking very good care of my two boys. The teacher was very attentive to my then 10kk baby and making sure he's comfortable and secure. And my 3 year old one loves the place, always happy and excited to be back. Never he cried when I leave for work. I will definitely recommend this place."

- Liaa, A***n and L**m's mom

"It's a wonderful place nestled in a quiet residential area with lots of outdoor playground nearby. The daycare itself is a bright, open large space filled with lots of colour and interesting things for little ones, my son was in awe when we first got there as they have so many options, and different areas within it."

- Sam, visiting mom

"Lovely family English daycare; that really to put it simply, it's ran by pure love!"

- Nora, visiting mom