Who are we
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LTI-Tapaninvainio 2020-2021
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LTI-Pukinmäki 2016-2017
  • LTI Daycare is a privately owned daycare company established in Helsinki, Finland in 2016.

  • LTI Daycare opened its doors in August 2016, welcoming its children with big smiles and warm hugs. In May 2017, it expanded into a group family daycare. In January 2018, it expanded into a daycare. In January 2019, it opened its second branch of daycare.

  • The owner is from the Philippines and has been living in Finland since 2009. She is a licensed practical nurse and registered nurse in Finland at the same time, and she will be one of the childminders in one of the daycares.

  • In LTI Daycare, we will be caring for a limited number of children, ensuring you that your child will get the utmost attention from the carer. We care for children aged 9 months to 5 years old. We accept and encourage children who practice BLW (baby led weaning) in our daycare, and we will be serving a fresh variety of foods daily.

  • LTI Daycare does not only focus on the English language, but also on the diversity of its children.

Our history

Birth of an idea

While on maternity leave, the owner & primary childcare provider had a vision of opening a daycare where she could care for her own child while helping other parents as well.

​On August 18, 2016, Little Tots International officially opened its doors as a family daycare in Pukinmäki.

On May 08, 2017, Little Tots International expanded its Pukinmäki branch into a group family daycare.

On January 08, 2018, Little Tots International expanded its Pukinmäki branch into a daycare.

On January 07, 2019‚ Little Tots International opened its second branch of daycare in Tapaninvainio.

Our mission

We are an international institution, where being diverse is celebrated.

​We provide a safe and accepting environment for your child.​

We focus not only on the English language, but also on the diversity of each of our children.

We believe that early exposure to different cultures will encourage your child to accept his/her uniqueness.

We aim to introduce a new approach to childcare, where the child is viewed as a self-learner, initiator and a capable human being.

* See more about this approach here.

Our approach

Little Tots International's childcare approach is inspired by Magda Gerber's Educaring® Approach, which is based on respect for and trust in the baby to be an initiator, an explorer, and a self learner. This encourages both the child and the parent/ guardian to trust each other, learn to problem solve, and embrace their ability for self-discovery.

More information about the approach may be found here.

We follow the national Finnish curriculum.

Our values

Friendly Atmosphere

We are the second home of our children, which is why it is important for us to make the daycare as home-y as possible for the children.

We will be a place where the children and their parents, together with the childcare providers, feel safe and at ease.

Work Hand-In-Hand With The Family

We work together with the parents in rearing good children. Parents are always welcome in the daycare, so they can observe how we are working with their children.

We welcome parents as active participants in their child’s growth development in the daycare. We value their opinions and suggestions regarding childcare and development.

Child - Carer Relationship

We, the childcare providers, serve as the primary guardians of the children in the daycare. We become their friend who they can trust at all times.

English Language

The main language of communication in the daycare is English. The childcare providers speak English fluently and confidently. Children will learn English through play and active communication among other children and the childcare providers.