Childcare based on respect and trust.

For inquiries call +358 44 087 7617 or email at


Weekdays (8am - 6pm)

  • 16€/ hour

Evenings (6pm-10pm)

  • 18€/ hour


  • 20€/hour

Sundays and Holidays

  • 24€/hour

For babysitting of two (2) children

  • 24€/ hour, weekdays and evenings
  • 28€/ hour, weekends and holidays

(norm. hourly rate + 50%)


  • Babysitting is available from 8 am until 10 pm daily. Babysitting outside these hours may be discussed separately with the babysitter. When the babysitter finishes after 10pm, the family must bring her/him home safely either by bringing her/him by car or by paying for her/him taxi ride.

  • Available in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

  • We do not offer babysitting for sick children.

  • Children are insured by LähiTapiola during the babysitting hours with Little Tots International.

  • Minimum hour for babysitting is two (2) hours a day. Meeting with the babysitter prior to the actual date is possible upon agreement.

  • Overtime of ten (10) minutes past the agreed time is charged for an additional hour.

  • Payment for the rendered childcare is due on the date specified in the invoice.

  • Fees are paid directly to our bank account, which is written in the invoice provided by Little Tots International.

  • The invoice is sent via email at the end of the month.

  • In case the invoice is not paid two (2) weeks after the due date, another invoice will be reissued with a 5€ reminder fee as well as the valid interest of 8%.

  • Families are requested to book us at least two (2) days before the childcare need.

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