Application Process

Enrollment Process

Enrolling to Little Tots International is very easy and simple to do. If you wish to be added on our waiting list, please fill up this form. We have spots available for full-time childcare in LTI-Tapaninvainio for SY 2023-2024.

1st Step: Contact us for a visit in our daycare

2nd Step: Fill-up the application form online

3rd Step: Pay the registration fee of 150€

4th Step: Submit the WH1e-form to Kela

5th Step: Start in our daycare

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many childminders are in your daycare?

We observe the city recommendation of one (1) adult per four (4) under three (3) year olds and one (1) per seven (7) over three (3) year olds.

We can take upto ten (10) children in LTI-Pukinmäki and there will be upto three (3) childminders present.

There will be upto four (4) childminders present for the maximum fifteen (15) children in LTI-Tapaninvainio.

2. Does my child need previous exposure to the English language?

Your child does not need to know English before enrolling to us. Children learn and adapt really quickly, especially when there is consistency - daycare language is English.

3. Do you speak / teach Finnish to the children?

Our main language of communication in the daycare is English. If we are fortunate enough to speak another common language with a little tot, we use that language to communicate if that helps your little tot calm down and understand us better.

* We go to Pukinmäki library for story times, especially scheduled for LTI, at least once a month. The librarian reads two (2) English story books and one (1) Finnish story book to the children.

4. Do you provide vegan/vegetarian option for lunch?

Yes, there will be available vegan / vegetarian option for your children daily. We also serve vegan / vegetarian lunch at least once a week. We send weekly menus to the parents via email.

Breakfast and snacks are always vegetarian- / vegan-friendly.

5. Are you open during the summer holiday?

We are closed for the whole month of July upto the first (1st) Monday of August of every year. Monthly deductible is charged at 50%.

We may open for families who are not able to arrange childcare on the 1st- and last week of July. Monthly deductible will be charged at 100%.

6. When do you NOT go outside for outdoor play?

As the famous saying goes "There are no bad weather, just wrong clothes." We see to it that your little tots get to freely play outdoors in the mornings and in the afternoons, unless there is safety issue involved such as snow storm, lightning and thunder, or extreme heat.

Private daycare allowance can be granted to families with a child under school age.