Why choose us

For inquiries call +358 44 087 7617 or email at info@littletotsinternational.fi


Little Tots International Daycare cares for a limited number of children at a time, ensuring quality care and proper attention to your child.

We make homecooked meals everyday and serve fresh fruits, in addition to bread and jogurt, as snacks.

The children are insured during their stay in Little Tots International.

Experience & Knowledge

The educators and educarers have completed their studies in Social Services, Practical Nursing and Early Childhood Education from Finland.

We, educators and educarers, have years of experience in childcare through work in international daycares around Finland and through voluntary works as tutors and childminders around the world.

We all have had our first aid training, as well as fire safety training, in Finland.

Encouraging environment

We provide a safe and accepting environment for your child, where his/her diversity will be celebrated. The language of communication in the daycare will be in English.

We have different activity days each week which are as follows: crafts day, science day, cooking day, gym day, dance day, music day and structured play days.

We go on field trips to museums, libraries and elderly homes regularly. 

   Little Tots International Y-Tunnus 2768802-8 I                   Telephone Number +358 44 087 7617


               Email  info@littletotsinternational.fi I                    Address  Madetojankuja 2 F, 00720 Helsinki

Takaniityntie 5 F, 00780 Helsinki I

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