Short Term Child Care

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  • A fee of 75€ includes professional childcare and two (2) healthy meals.

  • Payment for the rendered childcare is due on the date specified in the invoice.

  • Fees are paid directly to our bank account, which is written in the invoice provided by Little Tots International.

  • In case the invoice is not paid on the due date, another invoice will be reissued with a 5€ reminder fee as well as the valid interest of 8%.

  • 75€ is charged for the first six (6) hours of childcare. Additional 8€ is charged for the first extra hour and additional 15€ for every extra hour thereafter.

  • For short-term childcare need of at least one (1) month, please request for a quotation by writing to us via email.

  • Families are requested to send in their application via email a week before.

  • Babysitting at home on the weekdays, on the weekends or in the evenings is also possible upon agreement.

​​Visit for information about eligibility on private daycare allowance.

You may also check your private daycare allowance by using Kela's calculator.​

* Interested families can apply for private daycare allowance from Kela.

Please check for information on private daycare allowance.

Our daycares are approved by Kasvatuksen ja Koulutuksen toimiala (KASKO).

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